Ricoh Thermal Transfer Ribbon

We offer various types of ribbons to suit your printing requirement. Please contact us for more information.

Model & Application
Type of Material Model Attribute Application
Wax/Resin Resin
  • Contains higher percentage of resin than wax formulations
  • Increased heat resistance
  • Requires more heat for printing and higher print energy settings
  • More durable
  • More expensive
  • Prints best on paper(Art, Mirrorkote Paper & Art Card) and low-end synthetics
Shelf Tag, Carton Box Label, Work in Progress Label. Shipping Label, Pallet Label, Product ID Label
  B120E (Near Edge)
  • Contains highest percentage of resin
  • Requires most heat for printing and highest print energy settings
  • Most durable
  • Most expensive
  • Prints best on synthetic(PE, PP, PET, PS, PVC) and high-end films
Tyre Label, Pharmaceutical Label, Product Label, Asset Tagging Label. Inventory (Self & Bin) Label, wristband
B120EC (Near Edge)
D110A For Care Label Printing