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Label Printing Solution

We offer the most complete and comprehensive label printing solutions to our clients!

All label printing solutions consist of three main parts: the printer machine, media (labels, ribbons) and design software. Individually, the value of these three components is less significant, but when combined, it will be a label printing solution that will fulfil your label printing requirements. Ensuring these components are properly matched to each other and to your application requirements is essential to getting the greatest return on your system.

Therefore, experience and knowledge within every individual component is important in order to ensure your label is printed with accuracy and efficiency. Ark Tech has the experience and knowledge with various label printer machines, media and design software for label printing. This enables Ark Tech to become one of the most trusted label printing solution providers within Malaysia and the label printing market. We can utilize our expertise and experience within these three parts to generate a problem-free or worry-free printing environment for our client compared to getting these three components from different sources.

Based on the environment and application requirements by our clients, we can design the label printing solution, which involves the media, printer machine and label design software that suit the necessary requirements.

Ark Tech has a vast expertise and experience within these three components:

  • Barcode Label Printer Machines – The label printer machine is the centre of any system and making sure the unit with the correct features is used is critical. Choosing the right printer machine ultimately comes down to how much you will need to print and the material you need to print. Options for interfaces, rewinders, peelers, cutters and embedded fonts ensure the best configuration is used for your application.Ark Tech represent the major brands of barcode printer machines like Zebra, Honeywell, TSC and Argox in Malaysia, we have the expertise and experience to recommend the right printer to you according to your volume, material and application.
  • Labels and Ribbon – Media is available in a variety of sizes and types for use in any type of environment. Likewise, labels and ribbon are matched to your printer machine model to ensure the best print quality with minimal set-up.Different industry or application requires different material of label, type of material the sticker or label have to stick on, temperature, duration and environment will decide what is the right material we should use in order to fulfil the printing requirement.Ark Tech is involved in label printing or converting for twenty over years. We are exposed to different industries and environments and possess the experience and knowledge to recommend or propose the right material to the right industry and the right application.
  • Barcode Label Design Software – With the printer and supplies chosen, you still need a means to tell the printer what exactly to make. Label design software can be as simple as manually creating static or serialized designs to fully automated print servers dynamically pulling information from a database.Ark Tech is the authorised partner for Bartender label design software; one of the major brands within the market, we are selling and implementing Bartender label design software for over 10 years. We are the trusted partner; in term of technical knowhow and application experience; who can really recommend the most suitable Bartender Label Design Software for client requirement.