RFID Warehouse Management System

rfid warehouse management system
Ark Tech offers a complete RFID Warehouse Management System designed specially for your needs and requirements. There are a variety of benefits in integrating a RFID system in your warehouse to increase management efficiency. There is also several ways and applications for RFID technology to be used in your warehouse management.

What is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)?
Radio Frequency Identification or RFID in short, is a rapidly growing technology which transmits information wirelessly, using radio waves. Information is transferred without any physical contact taking place between the reader operator and tagged item.

Every RFID system consists of three components: a scanning antenna, a transceiver and a transponder. When the scanning antenna and transceiver are combined, they are referred to as an RFID reader or interrogator. There are two types of RFID readers — fixed readers and mobile readers. The RFID reader is a network-connected device that can be portable or permanently attached. It uses radio waves to transmit signals that activate the tag. Once activated, the tag sends a wave back to the antenna, where it is translated into data.

The transponder is in the RFID tag itself. The read range for RFID tags varies based on factors including the type of tag, type of reader, RFID frequency and interference in the surrounding environment or from other RFID tags and readers. Tags that have a stronger power source also have a longer read range.

RFID is generally categorized as an automatic identification technology. Auto-identification technology includes optical character readers, barcodes and retinal scans.

Below are some common uses for RFID application:

  • Inventory management
  • Asset tracking and equipment tracking
  • Inventory movement control
  • Cargo and supply chain logistics
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Access control in security situations
  • Shipping
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing work in progress
  • Retail sales
Benefits of Using a RFID System in Warehouse Management
Deploying a RFID system in place at your warehouse can greatly benefit your stock and inventory management. Using RFID technology, all your data logging, collation, and processing requirements are automated which allows for faster and more efficient ways of locating specific items as opposed to manually finding and locating items individually. As everything becomes more automated, your on-ground employees will be more available to tend to more important matters at hand.

An automatic data logging and processing by RFID system in warehouse management also reduces the chances of human errors because data will no longer be input manually by staff. A simple mistake can highly impact your business which affects both reputation as well as wasting time taken to rectify or find mistakes.

Additionally, using a RFID Warehouse Management System provides your company with real-time tracking of data of the moving consumer goods or products from the warehouse, giving you essential data that can be used to analyse purchase patterns. RFID warehouse management system will allow companies in the future to analyse and predict sale patterns to forecast sale strategies as well as ensuring your stock levels are supervised.

Upgrade the efficiency of your warehouse management with our RFID system today. Contact us to know more about how our RFID Warehouse Management System can help your business now.