Printronix ODV 1D-Print & Verify Barcode Printer

Our exclusive Online Data Validation (ODV) eliminates compliance fees with automatic, 100% barcode validation. ODV recognizes when a bad barcode is printed, strikes through the bad barcode and reprints it. Available on the T6000 and T8000 thermal printers, ODV ensures that all barcodes meet the most stringent scanning standards.

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Label Requirements
Quiet Zone Minimum: 10 times x-dimension
Barcodes per Line Up to 4 codes on the same horizontal line
Barcodes per Form Up to 99 codes per form
Barcode Orientation Picket fence only
Horizontal Spacing Minimum of 0.50” between codes on the same horizontal line
Barcode Height Minimum bar code height is 0.13”
TOF to TOF Minimum Distance 0.50”
Print Run Report

• Number of forms printed
• Number of bad forms
• Bar width deviation of last bar code
• Number of codes printed
• Average bar width deviation

Validation Error Actions

• Retry Form (default)
• Stop and Retry
• Grade and Report
• Rescan Form
• Rescan and Retry
• Rescan and Stop
• Overstrike, Stop

Validation Error Notification Modes

• Printer Display
• Printer Audible Alarm
• Printer Status Light
• Remote Notification

Telemetry Reports
Telemetry Path Network Port
Data Contents (Selectable) • Short : Pass/Fail quality results
• Validation : Pass/Fail quality results + actual decoded data
• Full : Validation + all measured parameters