Honeywell Xenon XP 1952g Battery-Free Scanner

The Honeywell Xenon™ Extreme Performance (XP) 1952g-bf scanner revolutionizes barcode scanning with its eco-friendly design, powered by supercapacitors instead of traditional batteries. This innovation ensures operational efficiency and environmental sustainability, allowing over 450 scans on a single charge and rapid recharging in less than 60 seconds via USB. Its Bluetooth connectivity enables wireless operation up to 10 meters from the base, enhancing flexibility and mobility in various work environments. With two recharge alerts, users are reminded to place the scanner back on the base for continuous operation. This scanner excels in scanning accuracy and speed, even with poor-quality or damaged barcodes, making it ideal for point-of-sale, workstation, and warehouse applications. By eliminating battery maintenance hassles and reducing environmental impact, the Xenon XP 1952g-bf scanner offers a reliable and efficient solution for diverse scanning needs.

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