Honeywell PC45T Desktop Printer

The PC45T is a versatile 4-inch thermal transfer desktop printer with a large touch screen, designed for enterprise-level durability and flexibility. It supports both thermal transfer and direct thermal media interchangeably, catering to various business needs. Honeywell Printer Edge™ platform offers centralized management, providing real-time visibility, automated updates, and enhanced security for printer networks, optimizing operations and reducing downtime. Connectivity features include Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.1 LE, WLAN, and optional WWAN, facilitating continuous productivity and fast data capture. Optional sensors and RFID capabilities help streamline maintenance, minimizing operational downtime. The printer supports variable network protocols and multiple print languages for easy integration, whether locally or via the Cloud. Smart Parse technology allows resizing of objects, barcodes, or font types without backend system involvement, while Honeywell Operational Intelligence enables remote management and real-time diagnostics for output performance tracking.

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