The Honeywell IH40 RFID Reader is designed for various industries including Retail, Warehouse, Transport & Logistics, and Manufacturing. It enhances inventory management by improving accuracy and reducing mismatch in demand. With IH40, workers in these sectors can streamline operations such as picking, putting away inventory, order fulfillment, shipping, and verification. In addition, it enables faster inventory counting compared to barcodes, allowing for more frequent updates and better inventory management. The IH40 is lightweight, ergonomic, and offers high-performance RFID and barcode scanning capabilities. It can capture RFID tags up to 6 meters away and comes with a long-lasting battery, ensuring uninterrupted use throughout shifts. Key features include compatibility with handheld devices for complete retail inventory solutions, high tag read rate, fast charging, direct device connection, and an ergonomic design for extended use in various scenarios.

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