Honeywell CK65

The CK65 mobile computer is designed to enhance supply chain productivity in distribution centers and manufacturing by accelerating and error-proofing work processes. It offers a long battery life of up to 28 hours, exceptional ruggedness, and supports migration from legacy Windows operating systems to Android. The device is built on the Mobility Edge platform, providing integrated tools for development, deployment, and lifecycle management. Notably, it has received a STIG designation from the Defense Information Systems Agency for its security features. The CK65 features advanced imaging technology, supports four generations of Android, and provides security updates for up to two years after the last Google patch. Its large touchscreen supports both legacy key-centric and touch applications, while its rugged construction withstands harsh environments. With enhanced scanning capabilities and durability, the CK65 maximizes worker productivity and minimizes total cost of ownership, making it suitable for the toughest distribution center environments.

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