Warehouse Inventory Management System Malaysia

Timidus Warehousing Management System

A warehouse is one of the most important parts of any business inventory. There was a time when people used to do the warehouse management manually. Fortunately, now that the world has evolved into a global village and businesses have expanded, we need more than just manual human labour to manage warehouses. This is where Arktech introduces our own warehouse inventory management system in Malaysia to accommodate the rapid growth and high demands of the modern industry.

The majority of the warehouse inventory management system in Malaysia is built based on similar concepts. You can switch between the costly and cheap ones and find next to no difference in features. However, Arktech has taken the initiative to introduce unique warehouse software in the market. Our solution is designed to be a holistic initiative to handle all you warehouse needs.

The software can be divided into four main parts that focus on different activities. The first module takes care of all the incoming goods and deals with any damages caused. The second module deals with labelling products, locating them, loading them when ordered, and update the remaining amount. The third module focuses on pinpointing the location of different items, transferring them to a new location if needed, dealing with any storage issues, sending reminders to order for new products and handling returned stock.

The last module is made to match the orders with the packages prepared to be delivered, placing them in the right vehicles to be delivered, and delivering them to the right person. Our software can handle multiple warehouses at the same time, can be password protected, store list and orders of customers, and keep track of all incoming and outgoing stock. If you are looking for a comprehensive warehouse inventory management system in Malaysia, do not hesitate to give us a call!

ObjectivesInventory System FlowWarehousing System Features

Objectives To Implement Warehouse Mangement System

  • Improve Customer Service
    • Reduce To Deliver Wrong Items To Customer
    • Reduce Out Of Stock Issue. As System With Re-Order Level Function
  • Decrease Operating Costs
    • Data Entry Using Barcode Scanner Is More Faster & Accurate Compared To Enter By Keyboard
    • Picked Correct Items To Reduce Goods Return By Customer
    • Generate Up-To-Date Report By System, Users Do Not Required To Prepare The Reporting Manually
  • Maximum Utilization Of Storage Space
    • With Up-To-Date Data & Re-Order Function To Avoid Over Purchase
  • Higher Labour Productivity
    • Take Lesser Time For Data Entry And Reports Preparation
    • Take Lesser Time For Stock Take
    • Can Check The Item Details In System Without Go To Physical Location
  • Stock Accuracy
    • Can Get The Accurate Stock Level As System Recorded All Stock Movement Activities
  • Transactions Traceability
    • System Able To List All The Activities For The Particular Items In Stock Movement Report
  • Provide Communication Links With Customers
    • Users Able To Get The Status Of Transactions If Customers Requested To Check The Order Status
    • Users Able To Check The History Of The Particular Order. Example: The Date Of Delivery, Item Received / Issue Date Etc
  • stock



    • Goods Unload
    • Inspect For Damage



    • Identify Product
    • Identify Product Location
    • Move Products
    • Update Records



    • Stock Location
    • Stock Transfer
    • Stock Issue / Return
    • Stock Adjustment / Disposal

    Order Picking


    • Sales Order
    • Picking List
    • Delivery Order
    • Receiving Goods Using Barcode Scanner To Avoid Receive Wrong Items Or Data Entry Mistake From Users
    • Records All Stock Activities To Obtained Stock Level Accuracy
    • System Able To Show The Item Details By Locations As System With Location Control Function
    • B.O.M. / Item Transform Function Will Help Users To Handle Their Raw Material Easily
    • With Picking List Function To Reduce Pickers Picked The Wrong Items, Which Will Reduce Stock Return & Improve Company Image
    • With Picking List Function, User Will Be Able To Monitor The Items In Staging Area & Warehouse
    • System Will Help User To Manage Items Re-Order Process By Setup The Re-Order Quantity In Product Master

    Master File

    • User Accounts Control & Access Right Setup
      • Set up user and Configure User Access Right for every particular user.
    • Multiple Warehouse, Location and Bin
      • Setup Warehouse & Location For Your Organization. System Allowed
      • More Than One Warehouse, Location and Bin.
    • Item / Product, Category & Unit Of Measurement
      • User Able To Manage Their Items Information By Configure The Category, UOM For Each Items
    • Customer & Supplier Listing
      • Setup and maintain customer or supplier information for outgoing and incoming management purposes.

    Stock Control Module

    • Purchase Order
      • Purchase Order Issued To Supplier. Outstanding or Pending Purchase order information are available within the system
    • Goods Received
      • Scan Received When Items Received From Supplier/Production
      • Quantity Will Be Increased For Good Received Function
    • Put Away
      • Move Received Items From Temporary Area To Actual Warehouse
      • Record storage location
    • Goods Return
      • Return Faulty Items Back To Supplier. System Will Deduct Quantity From Warehouse/Temporary Area
      • Goods Return Can Be Imported From Good Received Records
    • Goods Transfer
      • Transfer Items From One Location To Another Location
      • Transfer Items From One Warehouse To Another Warehouse
    • Goods Adjustment
      • Adjust The Quantity In Warehouse For Specific Items After Stock Take


    Custom-made application software integration:

    • Mobile application management system for route sales check and additional ordering.
    • Application management system for logistical tracking, receiving, and distribution of goods in transport.
    • Real-time parts/material tracking system for manufactures.
    • Custom-made application software system catering to a variety of specific industry sectors.