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Label PrintingBarcode ReadingHand Held ComputerWireless NetworkBusines ProfileCustomized Software
System Integration of Label printing :
  • Industrial-grade high-volume high-speed label printer.
  • Medium-volume high-speed label printer.
  • High-resolution (600dpi) label printer.
  • Wireless mobile waist-carrying label/receipt printer.
  • Control software for label printing/editing of database integration.
  • Various professional heat-resistant, wear-resistant, breakable, unbreakable labeling paper and carbon ribbon
Systematic Integration of automatic bar-code reading :
  • Hand-held one-dimentional/two-dimentional bar-code scanner.
  • Commercial multi-channel, omni-directional platform/Hand-held bar-code scanner.
  • Industrial stationary one-dimentional/two-dimentional bar-code scanner.
  • Wireless bar-code scanner.
System Integration of Hand Held Computer Information :
  • Industry-grade Hand Held computer integrating bar-code scanning and wireless transmission.
  • Industry-grade portable computer utilizing Microsoft Windows Mobile/CE operating system to integrate bar-code scanning, wireless transmission of Bluetooth/WiFi/GPRS/CDMA.
  • Industry-grade tablet portable computer.
  • Industry-grade vehicle mounted portable computer.
  • Mobile computer language-generating system.
  • Custom-made portable computer application software.
Wireless Network Integration :
  • Industrial-grade ultra-reliable wireless internet access point.
  • Industrial-grade clustered wireless internet access point system.
  • [odile.mai] Designing and Implementation of wireless internet system.
  • Designing and installment of wireless internet security system.
RFID application system integration :
  • Industrial-grade stationary RFID reader (UHF/HF/LF).
  • Industrial-grade handheld RFID reader (UHF/HF/LF).
  • Industrial-grade high performance antenna for RFID reader.
  • Industrial-grade RFID mobile computer.
  • Various frequency RFID tag.
  • RFID middleware system software.
  • Custom-made RFID application software.
Custom-made application software integration :
  • Warehouse/Inventory management application software.
  • Mobile computer application system for franchise/shopping outlet inventory-checking, ordering, receiving of shipment, refunding and price-quoting.
  • Mobile application management system for route sales check and additional ordering .
  • Application management system for logistical tracking, receiving, and distribution of goods in transport .
  • Real-time parts/material tracking system for manufactures .
  • Application management system for automation in manufacturing .
  • Custom-made application software system catering to a variety of specific industry sectors .