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Ever since it’s founding in 1988, Ark Techhas been dedicated to the integration and sales of software/hardware for automatic identification and data capturing, while continuing to introduce to Taiwan products from leading brands, ranging from bar-code label printing, bar-code reading, mobile computer, wireless network, RFID, to labelling carbon ribbon and consumables. Our complete product line provides our clients with one-stop-shopping, complemented by Ark Tech’s tailor-made software system catering to specific needs and convenient after-sales/maintenance network, all of which enable us to provide our clients with the best solution as well as full and complete integrated service system. In the meantime, we strive to help streamline our clients’ business flowcharts, boost productivity, cut cost, expedite automation/systematic mobility, and avail them of real-time information.


Nowadays, barcodes have made running a business more efficient for companies. Barcodes provide a method to track and store information about goods, from individual items to millions in stock. Ark Tech’s barcode system and solution serve an important role and provide advantages compared to manually entering information.


Prior to barcodes, employees will manually track individual items and this lead to many human errors. Barcodes can track items with an error rate of one in every three million entries. Ark Tech barcode system & solution provider in Malaysia helps to prevent error from human beings.


The barcode can also save lots of money. Barcodes will reduce human error and human tracking work in tracking every item. At the same time, they can track a large quantity of goods and stock checking.


For our brand, Ark Tech supplies from well-known manufacturers. We supply barcode printers from Zebra, TSC, Argox, and Honeywell. Supply scanners from Zebra, Honeywell, Argox, Cipherlab, Datalogic, Yumite and Sunlux can be categorized by 1D or 2D scanners, wireless or wired cable scanners, desktop scanners or handheld scanners. For mobile computers, we represent Intermec, Honeywell, Casio and CipherLab. For POS peripherals, we represent EC brand which involves cash drawers, touch screen monitors, all-in-one PC, card readers, POS display and thermal receipt printers. Besides barcode printers and scanners, we also provide barcode labels, barcode ribbon thermal receipt paper and printing services.


Ark Tech barcode system & solution provider in Malaysia also provides barcode label printing service for customers like stickers, price tags, running number for barcodes and so on. We do provide onsite service for installation and barcode machine setup with new order, on-site training, on phone call support and maintenance service for repair items.


Ark Tech’s customer base includes established industries like health care providers, computer systems providers, retailers, etc.


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